MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Sagging chins, tired eyes, a wrinkled brow or a large nose. These are but a few of the reasons more than $12-billion dollars was spent on cosmetic procedures in 2013.

“I was seeing a tired, old lady, who isn’t what I am,” explained Barbara Nohrenberg.

Doctors say the single biggest reason is that women and men want to look better in their social network pictures. Barbara Nohrenberg isn’t shy about admitting that was her reason for having a facelift and a few other procedures.

“Well I’m out there as a realtor, as a single dating female in a very competitive dating market. I look in the mirror and I said you know, what I’m looking like now… isn’t really who I am anymore,” said Nohrenberg.

So Barbara turned to Dr. Jacob Steiger, a Boca Raton based facial plastic surgeon.

“I see this as a major trend because my specialty is the face,” said Steiger. “People are becoming more aware of their appearance because they are looking at themselves online.”

As Barbara and Dr. Steiger reviewed her before and after pictures, Steiger explained why people are seeing things in a selfie they may not see in the mirror, mirror on the wall.

“So some people when they look in the mirror they might see themselves at a straight on view, erect, in a nice position,” explained Steiger. “But when they’re looking at online media, when you’re taking pictures with your iPhone you’re kind of angling the camera a certain way… and sometimes you’re seeing images of yourself or angles of yourself you don’t normally see.”

Barbara’s eyes and neck bothered the 62-year old the most. On the day we met, she was still healing, but proud to admit that her change was subtle enough not to draw attention.

“Because I don’t have that, we call it the Boca windswept look (she pulls hers face back) you know where you look like you’re in a wind tunnel. It’s just me a little younger.”

Until her healing is complete, Barbara is offline, but looking forward to new sites and new pics.

“And I’m just waiting for the new me to emerge completely!”

But if going under the knife is not your cup of tea, there are a handful of Apps that can make you look prettier, younger, even thinner. Susan Green is the co-founder of Skineepix.

“I wanted it to almost be an instant photo shop,” said Green.

With the swipe of a key, Skineepix and other apps will reduce your weight by 5, 10 even 15 pounds.

“Even the most gorgeous women that I know have some small insecurity,” said Tara Prindaville.

Some apps use facial recognition software to give you a more glowing complexion or to do things such as slim noses or fade freakles and wrinkles.

Explained Tara, “It’s another app to help you feel more confident when you’re posting.”

Whether you want to fake it while you Facebook or honestly be your new self in your next selfie, the price of the Apps isn’t free, but cosmetic surgery isn’t either. Most procedures will run you between $500 to $20,000.

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