HIALEAH (CBSMiami) – Shoddy electrical work and pool pump failure caused a Hialeah pool to become electrified Sunday, sending three children to the hospital. That’s according to the City of Hialeah.

Three kids were jolted Sunday afternoon while playing in the swimming pool of the Palm West Gardens condos in Hialeah.

According to witnesses, the kids were shocked when they touched the metal pool handle. Others describe an electrical current so strong, that it pushed residents in the pool area against the chain link fence surrounding the pool.

Two girls and a boy were rushed to the hospital—one of them unconscious. One neighbor, who didn’t want to be identified for fear she’ll be kicked out of the property, said she was thankful no one lost their life. She found out about the incident when her entire building lost power.

The City of Hialeah says the pool pumps failed because they weren’t properly grounded to the electrical system.

A city inspector said that it was a result of poor maintenance practices, combined with electrical work performed without permits or inspections.

The units at Palm West Gardens are individually owned and managed by a homeowner’s association. The vice president of the association is Freddy Cabrera. He is the grandfather of two of the three children who were shocked on Sunday.

Some residents, like Pedro Almanza, were surprised to hear Cabrera and other members of the board were accused of poor maintenance. The 19-year-old Palm West Gardens resident said he has complete trust Cabrera and the others are doing all the can to keep him safe.

Meanwhile, other residents, who didn’t want to be indenifed, are calling for changers. They said many problems, like a broken elevator, go on-fixed. They fear the electrical problems could go beyond the pool and want a detailed inspection of the electrical system.


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