If you’ve exhausted your options, but a vacation simply isn’t in the budget this year, you’re not alone. More and more Florida families are turning to the “staycation” in hopes of finding adventures without having to endure plane fare, hotel accommodations and more. The good news? With tons of excitement, perfect weather and the chance to make some incredible memories, an exciting tour through the Florida Everglades may be the solution you’ve been looking for. If you haven’t witnessed the state’s most invigorating and educational experience, here’s what you’ve been missing and what you can look forward to with Florida airboat rides.

A Thrill For All Ages

What if you could take an amazing journey over a river of grass surrounded by wild animals in their natural habitat, but all from the comfort of a covered airboat? Welcome to South Florida’s most exciting natural attraction, the Everglades. With fast speeds, fresh air and tons of excitement, Everglades airboat tours keep mom, dad and the kids energized with the sights and sounds of Florida’s finest ecosystem. It’s fast paced fun- the kind that keeps everyone on their toes. Don’t close your eyes, not even for second or you’ll miss some of the most amazing creatures, and Florida’s own ancestral dinosaur, the alligator. It’s a thrilling experience for sure, but completely safe too. Airboat tours are unique in that you get up close and personal, but from the comforts of a covered boat.

Educational and Fun

Who said learning has to be boring? Not the case with airboat adventures. In fact, there’s so much to know about our history in the Everglades, it’s nearly impossible to see and hear everything in one visit. And that’s just as well, because folks who experience the Everglades ecosystem on an airboat tour always seem eager to come back! For parents looking to treat the kids to something that’s educational and fun, Everglades airboat tours offer the best of both with an exhilarating ride and an intimate look into one of the most diverse and unique environments in the world.

The Perfect Staycation…Every Time

Looking for an adventure this summer that’s new? Why waste time and money traveling when you can plan the perfect staycation right here at home. South Florida has more to offer than meets the eye and there’s only one Everglades. Keep it close to home and enjoy peace of mind and confidence that you don’t need reservations, hotel accommodations or the uncertainty of sitting in a busy airport waiting to go home. The perfect staycation every time, take an airboat tour through the Everglades and make some memories from the comforts of home.

Ready to explore the Everglades on a fantastic airboat tour? Call (954) 434-8111 or visit Everglades Holiday Park today to start your staycation with a live gator show, thrilling airboat tour and more!

Above content has been provided by Everglades Holiday Park.



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