MIRMAR (CBSMiami) – Amid concerns about kids getting hooked on nicotine or tobacco, the city of Miramar has banned the sales of e-cigarettes to minors.

The Miramar commission unanimously voted last Wednesday to prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes.

“It is imperative to protect our youth from products like e-cigarettes. Deceptive marketing practices that prey on our minors has no place in Miramar and I am pleased to have my proposed ordinance adopted by the city commission,” said Commissioner Wayne Messam.

Electronic cigarettes, which are battery-powered, convert liquid nicotine and other additives into vapor that users inhale. E-cigarettes are currently unregulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

“E-Cigarettes are often marketed to minors and come in flavors like bubble gum, cotton candy and chocolate,” said Commissioner Messam. “We are doing what we can to protect the health of Miramar’s youth by being a responsible city and taking action against the sale of electronic cigarettes to children.”

The ordinance also promotes a ban on the use of e-cigarette devices in places where traditional tobacco is currently banned under the Florida State Statute 386.

“Teens are getting their first taste of nicotine through e-cigarettes. We want to prevent it from becoming a gateway to traditional cigarettes,” said Assistant Chief Dexter Williams who presented the ordinance to the commission.