MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Time is running out for South Floridians scrambling to put the finishing touches on their federal tax returns ahead of Tuesday’s midnight filing deadline.

In a last minute decision, the Postal Service has set up a drive-thru for Tax Day in the Miami GMF customer parking lot from 4 PM until 10 PM Tuesday, April 15th.

The retail window will close as scheduled at 9 PM.

Also, the collection boxes at that location will be picked up one last time at 12 AM, therefore all mail deposited in collection boxes up until midnight will receive an April 15th postmark.

If you plan on taking advantage of the drive-thru service, be sure you are handing your income tax return envelope to a postal employee with an ID badge.

If the drive-thru is not an option and you still can’t file in time, be sure to file a form 4868 for a six month extension, but it’ll only give you more time to file, not to pay. If you decide not e-file and go the old fashioned way, be aware that South Florida post offices will not be open until midnight like they used to be.

Click Here to see how late your local post office will to open on Tuesday.

Customers should be cautioned not to give their tax return envelopes to any individuals who may be in the postal parking lots on Tax Day, April 15.  Hand-to-hand collections by unauthorized individuals could result in identity theft.

If you’ve already filed an extension, the due date is October 15th but remember that an extension of time to file is not an extension of time to pay.



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