MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A man once convicted of aggravated child abuse is now wanted on grand theft charges.

Imer Armando Perez, 44, is also accused of practicing law without a license.

Investigators said Perez didn’t just pose as a lawyer, he also pretended to work with the very same attorneys who represented him during his criminal case.

When those attorney found out what was allegedly going on, they contacted the State Attorney’s Office.

The story was first reported by our news partner at the Miami Herald.

According to an arrest warrant, “Perez is currently on probation for Aggravated Child Abuse until 2027”.

A probation violation report obtained by CBS4 News shows Perez was not where he should have been when officers checked up on him last month.

The warrant says “an individual identified as Imer Armando Perez represented himself as a member of a law firm… and signed a Retainer Agreement with a family and collected a large sum of money to represent a member of that family.”

That family, according to records, was trying to get Scotty Posada out of prison.

Posada was convicted of kidnapping, but investigators say Perez, posing as an attorney working out of this vacant building, insisted he could get him released.

That turned out to be a bogus claim, and now Perez is accused of “collecting a sum of $60,000 from the family of Scotty Posada” plus an extra $10,000 retainer fee.

When Posada’s family started doing a little online research, they realized Perez was not who he said he was.

When Posada’s brother “confronted Perez with what he had found and Perez told him computers are not real”.

Not long after, Perez took off.

Posada remains imprisoned and the warrant suggests his family is out tens of thousands of dollars.

CBS4 spoke to a woman who identified herself as Scotty Posada’s girlfriend Tuesday night.

She reached out to Posada’s mother who was listed multiple times in the warrant, but the woman insisted she didn’t know what we were talking about.

When we called her directly, a man who answered the phone told us not to call again and hung up.

A spokesman with the State Attorney’s Office told the Miami Herald they believe there may be more victims out there.

Lauren Pastrana

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