MIAMI (CBSMiami) – With the Heat down one and only seconds left, the ball was right where you want it—in LeBron James’ hands and he was going up against Nets’ rookie Mason Plumlee.

Heat Broadcaster Eric Reid called out the play Tuesday night at the American Airlines Arena, “Back to James, blocked by Plumlee! Oh my! The Nets win the game!”

At first, Heat fans were confused. Lebron…turned away at the rim?

“You have the best player in the world going against the rookie and we got lucky,” said Nets head coach Jason Kidd.

When Heat fans saw the replay, they couldn’t believe it. LeBron watched it again too and each replay only confirmed what he already felt.

“I didn’t need to watch it, I mean, he grabbed my right hand,” said James. “He didn’t mean to do it on purpose, but he got my right hand and you know the ball went off the rim then back. You get all ball, the ball’s going to go straight down.”

Even Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra didn’t mince words. 

“It was a foul,” said Spoelstra. “From my vantage point but what can you do.”

All the Heat could do is accept that they had gotten swept this season in four close games. The Nets have had their number, and a style that has given them trouble.

“To beat this team we have to play at their pace grind it out and beat them at their own game,” said Chris Bosh.

“Are they your biggest challenge in the east?” Craig Sager asked LeBron.

“Get out of here Craig,” Lebron laughed. “Next question”


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