MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The Miami Marlins just finished off winning three of four from the Colorado Rockies, but lost in the one loss was what happened to Rockies All-Star outfielder Carlos Gonzalez on Wednesday.

You might want to file this story under: gross.

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If you were watching the game, you may have noticed that Gonzalez had to leave the game at one point after landing hard and getting the wind knocked out of him. What you may not have noticed is what Gonzalez and Rockies manager Walt Weiss said happened at the same time.

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According to both player and manager, Gonzalez accidentally swallowed his smokeless tobacco, dip, which didn’t help his cause. Officially, the Rockies said Gonzalez left with dizziness and dehydration, but acknowledged the swallowing of dip after the game.

“He might’ve swallowed some dip or something,” Weiss told “He landed hard, knocked the wind out of himself, swallowed some dip, dehydration, all those things were factors.”

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The Rockies won on Wednesday night, but blew a lead Thursday to see the Marlins rally to win 8-5 and take three of four in the first series of the year. As for Gonzalez, he finished 1-5 Thursday with two strikeouts.