TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami/NSF) – The Florida Senate, on Wednesday, unanimously passed the Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act which will toughen penalties for hit-and-run drivers in serious accidents.

The measure was named for a popular Miami tri-athlete, 36-year-old Aaron Cohen, who was killed in a 2012 hit-and-run accident on the Rickenbacker Causeway. The driver was eventually sentenced to 21 months in jail.

Sponsor Miguel Diaz de la Portilla said the bill, in part, creates a four-year minimum mandatory sentence for drivers who leave the scene of accidents involving death.

Under current law, which does not include such a minimum-mandatory requirement, Diaz de la Portilla said drivers sometimes can have incentives to leave accident scenes.

The House version (HB 183) of the bill has been unanimously approved by three committees.

“The News Service of Florida contributed to this report.”