DEERFIELD BEACH (CBSMiami) – It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon just off Deerfield Beach. Adam Fisk, an avid fisherman, was fishing off his kayak when all the sudden he gets the catch of a lifetime.

“I had my bait kinda dangling next to my kayak, a couple feet away and out of nowhere an 11-foot shark comes up and eats it right next to the kayak. I was pretty spooky.” Fisk recalled.

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With a GoPro camera he captured the experience, sticking it underwater which revealed his catch–a hammerhead shark, and a feisty one at that.

Fisk said that as soon as the shark took the bait, “It just starts going offshore. I can’t stop it and it’s running. I tighten-up the drag and it’s just taking me.”

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As the shark swam, Fisk saw the shoreline begin to disappear. “It took about two hours before it got tired. I was calling my friends just bowed up. It was pretty funny. There was nothing I could do except for tire it out.” Fisk said. Once the shark stopped, he cut the line, releasing the shark. Over the two hours the shark pulled him 12 miles, near Lake Worth, an entire two cities North. Just as he turned to make his journey home another hammerhead appeared. This one was interested in him.

“It was very angry. It was coming right at me. I was trying to paddle as fast as I could to get away from it. And it just wouldn’t go away. You see me throw some bait out and it chased the bait away, it ate the bait and come right back to me.” Fisk said. Eventually it moved on.

Fisk gladly returned to shore with quite a tale about a shark just a foot shorter than the kayak he caught it in. When asked what’s wrong with a boat, Fisk laughed and replied “Gas money? This cost nothing.”

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Right now Florida is in it’s peak season for shark migrations. It’s not unusual for more than 100,000 sharks to be roaming just feet from shore. It’s possible to hook one   fishing from the beach. Fisk’s YouTube channel shows he is the extreme guy who does that, or catches sailfish five miles off shore.. in a kayak. This time he may have finally met his match. “This is not a normal day. I think I got pretty lucky. I’m not going to try and do that again.” Fisk said. Despite his up-close experience he says if the weather is right he’ll be back out there this weekend. His friend will probably be waiting for him.