MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Much of the talk following Republican David Jolly’s win in the special election for Congressional District 13 has been the campaign was a victory over Obamacare and a sign of a Republican landslide in November.

But Republican strategist Karl Rove said the GOP shouldn’t be ready to celebrate just yet. In a Wall Stree Journal column published late Wednesday, Rove told Republicans, “Don’t uncork the champagne.”

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Rove said Jolly’s victory over Alex Sink did show the Affordable Care Act was a potent issue that could hurt Democrats in the November mid-term elections. However, Rove also said that solely focusing on Obamacare is not good enough if the GOP wants a massive gain in both houses of Congress.

According to Rove, what hurt Sink worse than the ACA was her background as a big banker and her time as Florida’s chief financial officer. “Expanding the debate and exploiting multiple, not just a single, vulnerability helped Mr. Jolly win swing votes,” Rove wrote in the WSJ.

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Supporting Rove’s point is that Sink never cast a vote for the ACA and said that while she supported the law, many elements needed to be fixed.

Structurally, Democrats are setup to lose control of the U.S. Senate this year and see Republicans gain a bigger advantage in the House of Representatives. This comes from a variety of reasons including gerrymandered districts, lower Democratic voter turnout in mid-term elections, financial disadvantage, and President Barack Obama’s low popularity ratings.

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Still, it’s only March and as elections have proven since the beginning of the United States, plenty can happen between now and then that could fundamentally shift the balance of power to Democrats as well.