MIAMI (CBSMiami) — A man was rushed to the hospital after he was injured during a police-involved shooting, according to police.

Antonio Cardoza was airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center with a gunshot wound.  The 25-year old was believed to have been shot by police after a several hour standoff that started when police received a 911 call.

“The actual call came from the neighbor who heard someone yelling from that residence that they needed help,” said Elena Hernandez of Miami-Dade Police.

When police arrived they were met by a family member who said Cardoza was acting irrational and had armed himself with a gun.

“They heard the windows being smashed out and the subject yelling out to them that if they came any closer they would be shot,” said Hernandez.

Miami-Dade’s Special Response Team (SRT) and hostage negotiators were called in.  Family members tried to call him.

“He won’t pick up the phone,” said Cardoza’s cousin who identified himself as Freddy.

Cardoza’s cousin said he had seen him Friday.

“We actually went out on Friday and everything was fine but I guess he just continued partying.  I’m not sure.  It probably just went on and..” said Freddy.

Police entered the house to try to communicate with him.

“The subject confronted one of the special response team and shots were fired.  The subject was observed fleeing back upstairs into the residence and continued to barricade himself,” said Hernandez.

The SRT went in after him, where they found him shot.

As emergency crews rushed him to the hospital, Cardoza girlfriend couldn’t make sense of what happened.

“He’s a very good person.  He’s amazing.  He’s talented.  And he’s nothing of what they are saying,” said Cardoza’s girlfriend who identified herself as “V.”

She saw him Sunday morning.

“He started to just go off a little bit, “said Cardoza’s girlfriend.

“What do you mean by that,” asked CBS4’s David Sutta.

“Life gets hectic and they, they close walls on people here.  They brought in a SWAT team. They did all this non-sense.  It almost puts you in a panic mode,”said Cardoza’s girlfriend.

It’s unclear what set Cardoza off.  He is in stable condition.