MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) – The Medical Examiner has determined a cause of death for a teen who died after Miami Beach Police shocked the teen with a Taser last year.

CBS4 News has confirmed that the Medical Examiner has ruled the cause of death for Israel Hernandez Llach was “severe cardiac arrest” brought on by the electrical current administered to him by a police Taser.

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The death has been ruled “accidental.”

Hernandez Llach’s parents were frustrated Thursday evening because they still had not received the official copy of the report.

“A forensic report. That’s what we need. And where is it,” the elder Israel Hernandez asked.

Through bursts of tears, Jacqueline Llach, expressed her aggravation over the lack of answers about her son’s death.

“We don’t have the truth. We don’t have clarity. We don’t have a report in our hands to tell us what really happened,” Llach said.

The teen, known as “Reefa”, died 7 months ago when Miami Beach police chased him after he was spotted scribbling graffiti on an abandoned McDonald’s restaurant on Collins Ave.

One of the officers discharged his Taser.

Moments later, they noticed Hernandez-Llach appeared to be having a seizure.

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“He was a healthy young man. He ate well. He rode skateboard, and he had a heart attack,” Ofir Hernandez Llach wondered.

In addition CBS4 News has learned the only drugs detected in Hernandez’s system was marijuana. But an official familiar with the investigation noted that there remained a belief that Hernandez Llach may have been on a “synthetic drug” such as bath salts, which do not show up on regular testing.

The autopsy report, which has not been made public, also suggests the possible presence of synthetic drugs. He had an elevated body temperatures and scans on his brain offered signs of “excited delerium” by Hernandez Llach, possibly explaining his behavior prior to his run in with police.

The 18-year-old’s parents would not comment on the drugs because they have not seen the report.

“I want the world to know my son was a good boy. He was a boy who didn’t do anything wrong to anyone. A boy with dreams whose dreams were cut short,” Jacqueline Llach told CBS4’s Lauren Pastrana. “It was an unnecessary death. I want the truth to come to light.”

However, at the end of the day, the ruling of cardiac arrest places the focus squarely on the use of the Taser. In recent weeks at least two other individuals have died after being shocked by a police Taser.

A source familiar with the Hernandez case said the officer’s Taser was tested and no defects were found. Additional tests may be necessary, however.

Days after his death, Hernandez Llach’s family filed a lawsuit against the city of Miami beach and its police chief, accusing officers of using “unnecessary, excessive and unconstitutional force.”

“We will continue to fight for justice,” said Officer Hernandez Llach at an impromptu, protest on Miami Beach Thursday night.

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Back in October, a series of rallies and concerts were held in the memory of Hernandez-Llach.

Lauren Pastrana