MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The larger-than-life story of the New Testament gets larger than life treatment in the feature film “Son Of God”.

The film tells the story of Jesus Christ; from his humble birth, to his teachings, the crucifixion and ultimate resurrection.

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Hollywood has once again proven that Jesus reigns in ratings when over 100 million people tuned into the bible series last year on the History Channel. Executive producer Mark Burnett and his wife Roma Downey knew audiences were seeking more than just a series; they sought the “Son of God.”

“The Bible series brought big conversation around the Bible and now “Son Of God”,” said Burnett. “The number one searched subject on the internet was ‘Son Of God’ yesterday and it’s amazing that Jesus was the number two searched thing and about to be number one.”

For the first time in nearly ten years, since the “The Passion of the Christ,” the story of Jesus is making a comeback on the big screen. Diogo Morgado, the actor dubbed ‘hot Jesus’ by fans, explains how intimidated he was to take on the role.

“There are no acting skills actually that can help you. You have to touch people’s hearts with love, with the love of Jesus,” said Morgado. “So actually I made myself available for that and in order to do that I must tell you it is quite a personal experience and spiritual experience that changed me forever.”

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Mark Burnett certainly has the golden touch. With the hit CBS show “Survivor, reality TV certainly helped set his adventurous side in motion. “Survivor” turned out to be the perfect platform for his journey about the ultimate survivor.

“We’ve been doing this twenty years so we have learned a lot. So when it came to going to Morocco for six months with a big giant crew, we were confident that we knew how to do that,” said Burnett.

“My husband wasn’t intimidated about shooting in the middle of nowhere in some vast dessert and gathering together a group of people, you know it is his, he’s expert at that,” said Downey. “This wasn’t a job for us, this has been a journey of love for us and to be able to make it together has been such a blessing.”

In the past, the story of the Bible and God has done quite well at the box office. Ten years ago, “The Passion of the Christ” made about 685 million dollars in tickets sales worldwide.

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The “Son of God” is now playing in theaters.

Lisa Petrillo