WYNWOOD (CBSMiami) – Surrounded by Wynwood’s electric street art scene, Chef  and owner Rocco Carulli of the new R House  has brought the gallery inside  his newly opened eatery.

R House is more than a restaurant—it’s where food, art and music are mixed to create the ultimate trifecta.

“The food, of course, is fine dining, with interesting food from all over world” said Carulli. “As for the art, the murals and art spoke to me coming from my background in Provincetown where it’s all galleries. I just wanted to be in there. As for the music, we have live DJ’s Friday and Saturday nights and live bands.”

The art, which is all for sale, is curated by The White Porch Gallery and features colorful works  by German artist  Dietmar Brixy.

“The murals are actually moveable and change the dynamics of the room. People have been very open to it.” Chef said.

And R House guests should not only be open to the art, but also to Chef Rocco’s delicious worldly food.

To start, a Greek inspired green Sweet Pea Falafel with heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and feta cheese paired with a house made yogurt garlic sauce.

“The sweet pea gives off sweet flavors. It’s like a Greek salad somewhere in the Mediterranean. A delicious dish,” said CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo.

The next dish takes tasters to Brazil. It’s a Seafood Moqueca featuring scallops, cobia, shrimp, ginger, tomatoes and a host of other secret flavors.

“I love the presentation in the cast iron skillet,” said Petrillo adding, “India meets Thailand meets comfort food. It’s so yummy.”

And finally the Asian-inspired sweet chili skirt steak topped with delicately fried leeks.

“The flavor is beyond,” said Petrillo adding,” It’s sweet with a tiny kick.”

Let’s not forget the creative cocktails—like the candied ginger martini. The restaurant serves fruit-infused vodka, tequila, run and bourbon—all made in-house.

“Too much of this can get you in big trouble,” said Petrillo after sipping the candied ginger martini.

For more info, visit the restaurant website at www.Rhousewynwood.Com


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