MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Dolphins fans had strong reactions after  a  report was released on Friday on the the  National Football League’s independent investigation of the Miami Dolphins, Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin harassment case.

The NFL  found Jonathan Martin was harassed by three starting Fins linemen .

Across South Florida’s Sport Talk radio the Miami Dolphins are the talk of the town.

A radio caller said “Is there anyway the NFL can sanction the entire team?”

Fans and talk show host reacted to the final investigation into the Dolphins locker room harassment.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in the locker room,” said Former NFL running back Leroy Hourd.

Former players chimed in. Hourd was shocked by the report but former Dolphins running back Troy Stradford was not.

“I’m not shocked.  I’m seriously not shocked.  Things that go on in a locker room would blow your mind.  Every single player in any professional sport could bring a case upon a team,” said Stradford.

Former Miami Dolphins Offensive Lineman Keith Simms said “I’m just shocked that they didn’t have a leader in that room that said ‘ok guys stop,’ enough of this mess.”

Radio host Andy Slater of the Andy Slater Show on 940 WINZ thinks most fans understand football locker rooms are not a  normal workplaces but he argues most were clueless it went to such extreme levels.

“It’s not the normal workplace but at the same time it cant be from here all the way to up here,” said Slater.

A caller said, “I don’t see that there is anyway Richie Incognito or Jonathon Martin play for the Dolphins anymore.”

Fans are pondering now what will happen next for this loved and hated franchise.

One caller said,“It seems like most of the extreme stuff took place outside the work place.”

“How many of them do you think were like Richie Incognito,” asked another caller.

Slater believes Dol-fans will still love their team, regardless of this report.

“They’ll recover.  It may take a little of time.  They may need some new coaches, new players, a new attitude but eventually this will blow over,” said Slater.


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