MIAMI (CBSMiami) – One of the biggest fans of that mop top band known as the Beatles fans lives right in South Florida.

“David”, who didn’t want his last name mentioned in this story, is a retired chef who calls himself a Beatles fan forever. He remembers the impression the fab four left on him after watching them perform on the Ed Sullivan show on his parent’s tiny TV screen 50 years ago.

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“When you see them come out, it was a boost of Vitamin C. It’s something the country never had seen before,” said David. “You see way the Lennon stands and Ringo, the joker, it’s just what the country needed.”

Since then, the 58-year old has become a huge collector, buying up anything and everything about the Beatles. He has hundreds of albums, LP’s, box sets with complete album collections, trinkets, and of course, satin tour jackets, including the one he bought in 1970

“It’s an original jacket for 1965 American tour. It’s in mint condition as far as value. ‘You’ve Got Me’ silk-screened on.”

David’s first Beatles purchase ever was a vinyl record called Introducing the Beatles – the first Beatles album sold in America.

“This was the very first album I’ve collected being a kid,” said David. “I was eight years old, February 1963.”

There are crates back in a storage area filled with albums and memorabilia throughout his extensive collection. Every album has a story, most have never opened.

Strawberry Fields Forever. I never opened it, it came directly from Britain,” said David.

Every LP is a memory for David, like the song “I Want to Hold Your Hand.”

“It’s never been played. It’s an original from 1964,” said David. “When I was going through my collection last night I found it and I couldn’t believe it! It’s very rare.”

He knows everything about every piece in his incredible collection, including records dating back before Capital Records owned all the rights to the Beatles music.

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Vee-Jay Records was a small company before Capital Records had the rights to the Beatles music. If you have anything on Vee-Jay, it’s worth money.

The ‘Butcher Cover’ from “The Beatles Yesterday and Today” album was done two ways due to its disturbing images.  David has both.

“This was released on Capital from the higher ups, it was very controversial [so] they pulled it back because it was not moving,” said David.

David has traveled the world for the boys – from Liverpool to New York and beyond. He’s even seen McCartney 11 times and  has all of the ticket stubs, and backstage passes, to mark the memories.

But David doesn’t show off his collection that much.

“It’s just for me and a few friends, they know about it, and now all of South Florida,” said David.

He doesn’t like to talk about its value. It’s guess-timated’ in the hundreds of thousands.  David said Drambuie, his German shepard, helps guard his treasure trove.

“He’s the keeper, he’s the gate guarder,” said David.

David’s most recent purchase was a few days ago. He added the 50th anniversary collection box set, only available on CD.

David’s next purchase will be in March when the 50th anniversary tour jacket is released.  Only 1,964 of them will be sold, marking the year, and he has dibs on one.

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David said that he has no plans to sell his collection any time soon.