FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) — Locals and officials are trying to find out why a canal in Fort Lauderdale turned bright green.

Twice in 24 hours the canal behind the Southport Raw Bar has turned green.  Not grass green more like an iguana green and restaurant owner Buddy Sherman is seeing red.

“I think it’s ungodly we have to look at this lime green. I’m embarrassed actually,” said Sherman.

The water which turned bright green Thursday had cleared up by Friday.

Sherman thought his troubles were over, then at low tide, the same time as on Thursday, it started looking again as if someone had dropped an emerald dye into the water.

According to the Sun-Sentinel,  the city’s Environmental Resources staff   has not been able to determine the source. Officials are speculating that it may possibly be caused by runoff that made its way into the storm water system.

The City spokesman Chaz Adams told the paper, a microscopic analysis has revealed nothing unusual.

It does not appear to be toxic since fish have been seen swimming in the area.

According to the paper, inspectors have checked all of the pipes in the area, including inside of  the canal,and have not found a visible source.

Anyone with information is asked to call the city’s 24-hour customer service center at 954-828-8000.


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