MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Zac Efron, Michael B Jordan and Miles Teller headline the “R” rated comedy “That Awkward Moment.  Three  best friends living a carefree life until Mikie, finds out his wife is leaving him. The boys make a pact to stay single. Zac Efron is the executive producer of film.   It’s a chick flick, meant for guys too.

“I recognized that this was a different perspective of a romantic comedy that you haven’t really seen before ” said Zac, “I kind of just tried to pick the best guys I could and just had the best time we could.”

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The guys recognized their on-screen chemistry right away.

“Yeah, most definitely, I can say that when I watch movies that guys are acting or trying to be friends, we just really all get along and are able to put a lot of that on camera,” Miles said.

The pact that the trio makes to stay single, goes awry when each  of them start to fall in love.

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“It is a time in a man’s life when he realizes that some relationships are worth the effort and are worth the commitment. It’s that so moment when you go, ‘Oh man maybe she is the one’ and you have to put a little more work into it,” said Zach.

“I think guys can appreciate and they can relate to how we react to a lot of those awkward moments and the females they want to know what it is like. They want to know what we talk about behind closed doors,” said Michael.

Efron, whose been through some tough times lately, including two stints in rehab, said he  is so thankful to his High School Musical fans for sticking by him.

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“I have been very grateful for my fans, for sticking with me and watching them grow and learn along with me. It’s a cool journey I am so stoked!”

Lisa Petrillo