MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Gary Marotta, who owns Carefree Lifestyle, a luxury logistics company that handled Justin Bieber’s transportation, housing, and security in Miami tells CBS4 that the 19-year-old was the “perfect guest” at the Orchid House rental.

Marotta says his company was paid by a “fixer” working for Bieber to handle his ground transportation, security, and house rental for what was supposed to be a five-day trip.

Bieber’s entourage is reported to have paid between $40,000 and $45,000 for the logistics package which included pick-up from Opa-Locka Airport, the rental of two black Cadillac Escalades and additional security guards supplementing the body guards Bieber brought with him.

“Bieber’s getting a bad rap but he’s a good kid. He was even classy enough to leave $1,000 cash tip for the housekeeper,” said Marotta.

The Orchid House at 1350 Collins Ave was completely clean when CBS4 was briefly allowed inside. However, CBS4 was not given permission to photograph the place.

In addition to a covered swimming pool, the Orchid House features a glass-paneled sauna, billiard room, home theater, and a gourmet kitchen.

A large white plastic tarp was still hanging near the back alleyway to prevent people from looking inside. Marotta said the tarp was not something special for Bieber and his group. They’ve used it for other celebrities who have stayed there.

Carefree Lifestyle is a locally owned business based in South Beach for the past 15-years, which rents luxury cars yachts estates and private jets.

Marotta said the Escalades got a little scratched up, but it wasn’t Bieber.

“They got a little scratched up from the paparazzi’s who were clamoring to take his picture but not by Justin and his entourage,” said Marotta.