MIAMI (CBSMiami) –CBS News is reporting new information on the case of missing former FBI agent and Coral Springs resident Bob Levinson.

His wife, Christine, admitted to CBS News reporter Bob Orr that her husband was working for the CIA on a top-secret mission when he disappeared in Iran nearly 7 years ago. She also called on the U.S. government to publicly admit the details of his case in hopes of winning her husband’s release.

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For the first time Christine Levinson is acknowledging that her husband Bob — missing since 2007 — was doing more than private investigative work on a cigarette smuggling case in Iran when he vanished from the island of Kish.

LEVINSON: “He was working as a consultant for the CIA…he was also a private investigator. He was able to do both at the same time in his travels.”
ORR: “So as he would work on these private initiatives from time to time he would funnel information to the CIA?”
LEVINSON: “Correct.”

Levinson and her attorney David McGee believe the U.S. government should reveal the full details of Levinson’s work with the CIA. They believe that represents the best chance at bringing Levinson home.

MCGEE: “There is no further value in continuing to deny what every in this world knows is the truth.”
ORR: “So if the U.S would come full face and say, yes he worked for the CIA that might be enough of a show of good faith that the Iranians might respond?”
MCGEE: “That’s our hope.”

The revelation that Levinson was working for the CIA came from an Associated Press report last month that alleged a cover-up of a rogue spy operation gone bad. The report said several CIA agents were forced out…others were disciplined and the Levinson family was given a multi-million dollar settlement to pre-empt a lawsuit.

In 2010, the Levinson family received these documents anonymously purportedly showing details of Levinson’s arrest and detention in Iran. They also received pictures and a short video of him. There was hope he would be released but no new information since.

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“Leads were followed up and investigations were made but we have not gotten any new information about Bob,” Christine Levinson told CBS News.

Through it all, Christine Levinson is praying for the best.

ORR: “Do you think he’s alive?”
LEVINSON: “I do believe he’s alive”.

Intelligence sources tell CBS News they also believe that Bob Levinson is likely alive and somewhere in Iran. Christine Levinson said she plans to fight as long as she can to find him.

“I love my husband,” she said. “I believe that wherever he is he’s trying as hard as he can to get back to his family.”

CBS News is also reporting that a spokesperson from the National Security Council said bringing Bob Levinson home here to his family remains a top priority of the U.S. government and they continued their call for the government of Iran to work with the U.S. to find him.

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CBS News is also reporting that Christine Levinson plans to travel to Iran to make a plea for her husband’s release. She is hopeful that a thaw in U.S.-Iranian relations will lead to a deal.