MIAMI (CBSMiami) – In today’s Fit Friday, a single mom and fitness competitor who underwent a bad surgery which left her with physical and emotional scars. Venus Lacalamita changed her life by working out and eating healthy.

She spends two hours every day training for her second fitness competition. But it’s been a long journey to build those muscles and that confidence. After giving birth to her son Jordan, Venus wanted a quick fix to get her pre-baby body back.

“For me that surgery I was 21 I thought it’s the easy way out I’m gonna look better and it wasn’t. It was actually a nightmare that I had to overcome.”

The doctor botched her surgery and left her thighs like this, deep holes on the side of her legs. For years Venus covered them ashamed of her body and then she met Sam Yehia owner of Pro Body tech.

“Two months it took and I had spent three years trying to fix it,” Venus said.

The holes were gone, but it took work. Logging hours in the gym and more importantly eating well. So how does Venus manage to be a working mom and a fitness competitor?

“I cook my meals before I go to bed, I leave everything prepped, I wake up early around 6am, I make the meals, prep them to go. I get Jordan ready for school, I take him to school.”

Now Venus is in season so she eats strict, no cheat meals, and she packs her seven meals in this portable cooler.

“This is what I pack every night. A box of vitamins, chicken, sweet potato, asparagus, turkey, brown rice, broccoli.”

Venus has Sam to help her in the gym and Jordan to keep her in check at home

“You see Jordan and he knows I’m training for competition and he sees me eating a chocolate he says no mom you can’t eat that chocolate!”

She’s only a few weeks out from her second competition. When she steps back on stage Venus hopes to be a motivation and inspiration for other parents.

“It’s not gonna be from one day to the next but it’ll fix it, it’ll get better and you’re gonna go to where you want to be if you’re committed, if you have motivation and if you have will power.”


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