MIAMI (CBS4) – In this week’s “Talking Baby”, CBS4 Morning Anchor Rhiannon Ally focuses on bringing the baby home from the hospital. Not only will your life change forever, so will your dog’s.

All the new sights, sounds and smells may be confusing to your dog, especially if it’s never been around kids before.

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Certified trainer Rose Lesniak has been working with dogs for 16 years. She said this is a common problem for families, but there are things you can do to prepare your dog.

“Unfortunately a lot of people treat their dogs like babies. Then when the baby comes, the dog is no longer needed,” said Lesniak.

But proper training can avoid these issues. She said your dog needs training before baby comes or it can be dangerous for your baby.

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Part of the problem with many families is they allow their dogs to get away with behaviors like jumping on furniture. Then when baby comes, they immediately want them to stop.

Lesniak said parents can correct this behavior with positive reinforcement. Tell them to get off and then reward them. Also, give them love and treats off the furniture and ignore them when they are on it.

Lesniak said dogs need to learn basic commands like sit, stay, leave it and drop it well in advance. She added that parents should never leave their baby alone with any pet.

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Follow these rules and Lesniak said “You’ll have a happy dog, happy baby, happy parents.”