DORAL (CBSMiami) — Some people in Doral admit they are tired of politics in the city.

“We’re a new city people should be more professional,: said Doral resident Yolanda Soler.

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Now the city is considering a different way to elect a mayor.

A proposal by the city’s charter review commission suggests changing the electoral process.  Council members would take turns as mayor.

According to the city attorney, the proposal is still in its infancy, but here’s the basic premise: Elections would be staggered and each council member would serve a five year term – the first three years as council member, the 4th as vice mayor, and the fifth as mayor.  After that fifth year it would be a different council member’s turn to be mayor.

It’s a suggestion that came about after a year of controversy at city hall and bickering between the mayor and the city manager.

“It’s a scary thing for a resident, I think, to see your city in such turmoil and it happened in a year where we saw other cities have some issues with their mayors so I think it creates an atmosphere of worry,” said Vice Mayor Christi Fraga.

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Fraga said she understands why some people are seeking change, but she doesn’t think the idea of a rotating mayor will work.

“I see it creating too much instability for our city I really don’t see it helping in any way,” Fraga added.

When asked by CBS4’s Maggie Newland about the potential changes, residents saw pros and cons.

“You think about somebody who’s working on the issues for years they know the ins and outs and what’s needed,” said Terri Barnes.

“I think a mayor should be voted as mayor I don’t think they should be rotating even though everyone has similar responsibility I think that the decision should go directly to a person the voters choose,” added Soler.

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The idea is a long way from taking effect. It first has to pass the charter review commission. If it is given the thumbs up, it goes to council then to the voters for a referendum to see whether it’s something residents want for their city.