MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The Miami Dolphins has plenty on the plate with looking for a general manager and offensive coordinator, but now one of the biggest distractions of the 2013 season is coming back to the forefront.

TMZ Sports published a photo Wednesday of Jonathan Martin looking very comfortable at Tootsie’s strip club in Miami and reported on multiple text messages that made it clear Martin liked the club, despite reports that Richie Incognito held lineman meetings there and players that didn’t partake were fined and mocked.

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If Martin said he had a problem with the strip club meetings, TMZ’s report undermines those claims.

According to TMZ, Martin would “often reach out to Incognito about his fondness for strip clubs, especially Tootsie’s…and never gave any hint that he was ever uncomfortable in that scene.” TMZ reported Martin told Incognito he planned on bringing some high school friends to Tootsie’s.

The TMZ report said an exchange between Martin and Incognito in which the former Stanford offensive lineman told Richie that “he couldn’t make it out one night because “Mary Jane” had him glued to his couch.”

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TMZ reported investigators found hundreds of text messages between Incognito and Martin that showed both often sent graphic taunts to each other and “that Martin gave as good as he got.”

The Incognito/Martin scandal erupted during the 2013 season when Martin walked away from the team claiming taunting and harassment at the hands of Incognito and others. Incognito was suspended after a text message transcript showed him using racist language with Martin.

Incognito said the text messages were not serious and thought the two were good friends. Martin has not spoken publicly since leaving the team after a lunchroom prank.

The NFL hired an outside lawyer, Ted Wells, to investigate the entire Dolphins organization along with the dispute involving Martin and Incognito. The findings of that investigation are not expected to be released until after the Super Bowl in February.

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Both Incognito and Martin were paid their salaries, but were kept away from the team for the rest of the year after the incident.