MIAMI GARDENS (CBS4) — Miami-Dade Water & Sewer  is back in a Miami Gardens community to repair a second water main break in less than 24 hours.   The broken pipes and gushing water affected the whole neighborhood.

Beverly Stern, a resident said, “They need to do better than that. I’m just tired of this. Today, now, it’s worse.”

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For the second time New Year’s Day, residents encountered water in their back yards.  A ruptured pipe spewed gallons of water, threatening homes and hard earned personal belongings.

“Every minute. Every time I turn around.  Every time, every day, every day, twice a year, once a year that’s what you have every day back here,” said Beverly Stern.

Just after 8:30 p.m. Wednesday night, another water main broke.   The water could be seen in backyards.

Beverly Stern has lived in her Miami Gardens home for three decades and it isn’t the first time she’s had to defend it from flooding.  To make things worse, her and her husband are in the middle of more than $30,000 in renovations.

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Tony Stern, a resident, said, “Yeah I’m very upset because I spent a lot of money doing the exterior and the interior so I’m very upset.”

Cell phone video showed another pipe that ruptured 12 hours earlier a few houses down from the second break.  The incident shut off water and affected up to 25 residents near NW 38th Avenue and 191st Street.

“When the water was flooded it was about maybe you know this high by about 2-3 inches off the floor,” said Matt Tunkuda.

With the recent water main break the complaints by residents got louder while homeowners tried to minimize the damage.

“They repaired it they left it they didn’t fill it back, I filled it up myself today the same thing happened and now again,” added Beverly Stern.

Workers came and stopped the water from flooding quickly so it didn’t get into Beverly’s home. A boil water order stays in effect for the area. Residents can shower with it, to be safe they just can’t consume it.

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Officials told CBS4’s Jamie Guirola that the affected pipe will need to be replaced because it is too old to simply be repaired.