CORAL SPRINGS (CBSMiami) – Secretary of State John Kerry says the U.S. is still looking for evidence that Coral Springs native Robert Levinson is still alive.

Levinson disappeared in Iran in 2007 and Iran’s Foreign Minister tells CBS News the U.S. government should look elsewhere.

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Now, the Miami Herald is calling for a congressional investigation into the alleged cover-up of Levinson’s mission in that country.

Iran’s foreign minister tells CBS News his country has nothing to do with Levinson’s disappearance.

“We know that he is not incarcerated in Iran,” said Javad Zarif, Iran’s Foreign Minister.

The White House has always maintained Levinson was a private citizen on a business trip at the time of his disappearance. But an Associated Press report reveals he was actually working for the CIA. The AP and the New York Times knew that was the case, but did not release the story for several years, concerned it would put Levinson in more danger.

Secretary of State Kerry said the U.S. brings up Levinson’s fate in every discussion it has with Iranian Representatives. He denies the Levinson family’s suggestion that the U.S. government is not doing enough.

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“To suggest that we have abandoned him or anybody has abandoned him is simply incorrect,” said Secretary Kerry. “We’re working on several processes that I’m not free to talk about.”

Republican Senator John McCain says the Obama Administration needs to be more forthcoming.

“The CIA did not tell the truth to the American Congress about Mr. Levinson,” McCain said.

Senator McCain added that he is confident the U.S. government is doing all it can to find Levinson, and he believes Levinson is still in Iran.

Over the weekend, the Miami Herald editorial board called for a Congressional investigation and that someone be held accountable for Levinson’s disappearance.

Their recently published editorial reads in part, “The shocking details of the Robert Levinson case cry out for a congressional investigation and the punishment of individuals apparently involved in a rogue spy operation that misled Congress, members of the administration and the American public for years.”

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To read the entire Miami Herald editorial, click here.