MIAMI(CBS4)—A witness tells CBS4 an argument over a parking space led to a shooting that left two people dead on Sunday including the owner of a barber shop and a security guard.

“An argument over a parking space,” said witness Martin Cole.

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“The security guard flipped his lid and pushed someone aside and shot the barber.”

Cole told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench, “It’s crazy for that stuff to happen over a parking space and a little name calling. It is crazy. The security guard got off a couple of shots at the barber.”

“The security guard came out from behind someone and then shot the barber in the chest area,” Cole told D’Oench. “I didn’t see any weapon on the barber. He was just mad and waving his hands a little bit. But I didn’t see any weapons.”

The incident happened outside Mieves’s barber shop at 5325 N.E. 2nd Avenue. Miami Police were called to that location when a disturbance was reported.

Miami Police Officer Frederica Burden told D’Oench that when the officer arrived, he tried to separate the men.

“The security guard then took a step back and shot the employee of the barber shop, which in turn the officer stepped back and asked him to drop his weapon and then he shot the security
guard,” Burden said.

“The police officer took a step back and said drop your gun,drop your gun,” said Cole. “The guy didn’t drop his gun so the police officer had no choice but to do what he did.”

“I feel bad naturally first for the barber, the victim,” said Cole.

“But I feel bad for the officer too because he was forced to use his weapon.”

Burden told D’Oench that the officer is not being identified but she said he is close to retirement and has nearly 20 years experience.

Sgt. Javier Ortiz, the President of the Miami Fraternal Order Of Police, lodge #20, released a statement saying the officer was forced to fire his weapon “but was able to stop the threat
and protect the public and other officers on the scene.”

“The victim who was shot by the suspect is in our prayers,”said Ortiz.“The Miami Police Department officer involved is a hero.”

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The security guard has not been identified. Police said he was in his mid 50s.

The security guard’s first name was Ruben, according to his cousin Joshua Rodero, who showed up at the barber shop Sunday night.

He told D’Oench, “It’s a very sad situation for both sides of the families. My side is the security guard. We understand shots were fired. This was a situation that went from bad to worse. It’s part of life. It’s unfortunate for both sides of the families.”

“Was there anything in his past to indicate why he might have done this?” asked D’Oench.

“No, he is a loving man, a family man,” Rodero said. “There was nothing in his past to show this would happen.”

Surveillance cameras outside the barber shop may have captured the incident. Police plan to see if there is any useful tape to look at.

On Sunday night, Miami Police detectives took a look inside the barber shop. Neighbors and friends of Mieses stopped by the scene and lit a candle for him.

“This thing really hurts my heart,” said one unidentified neighbor.

“It was terrible. There was no need for something to go that far,” said Jean Robinson. “It’s sad. It really is.”

Robinson also said she was knew the security guard and called him a “nice guy.”

“I feel terrible and said,” said Laura Valverde, who also said she knew the security guard. “It’s not right to have a shooting over a parking space.”

“I’m very, very sad,” said Moses Stephan, a friend of Mieses. “It’s a big, big loss. He was a very nice young guy.He was church going and everybody loved him.”

Miami Police sealed off the area of the barber shop for more than four hours on Sunday, as neighbors and friends of Mieves flocked to the scene.

With tears running down his face, Rolando Thompson told D’Oench, “I’m shedding a few tears. It’s a huge surprise to be gunned down at such a young age. This hurts. I knew his dad. He used to work here. I know he’s a great owner of this barber shop. He cares for the quality of his customers and the safety of his employees.”

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Joseph Noel, a neighbor, said, “He’s a very good man you know. I am so sorry this happened to him.”

Peter D'Oench