SUNRISE (CBSMiami) – A new form of “pot” has been discovered in South Florida and police are worried.

The substance is a concentrated form of cannabis known as “weed wax.”

According to Sunrise Police, they discovered two new forms of narcotic substances while servicing a search warrant in the 2600 block of University drive, on November 13th.

The commonly used method to inhale “weed wax” is to use a small amount of the “weed wax” and place it on the end of an E Cigarette.

The smoker activates the E Cigarette which will then heat up the “weed wax”, allowing the individual to ingest the vapors of the heated up “weed wax” causing the individual to enter a state of euphoria.

“This is the first time our agency has encountered “weed wax,” said a spokesperson for the Sunrise police.

A major concern with the recent discovery of “weed wax” is that it can be smoked through an E cigarette allowing individuals the freedom of openly walking around smoking this highly concentrated form of cannabis, or pot.

E Cigarette used to smoke weed wax (Source: Sunrise Police Dept.)

E Cigarette used to smoke weed wax
(Source: Sunrise Police Dept.)

This concentrated form of cannabis is a pasty, possibly green substance that emits a strong cannabis odor consistent with the plant form of Cannabis.

“Our goal is to make the public aware of this new form of Cannabis, as well as, the physical characteristics and the ways this new form of Cannabis is ingested,” said the department spokesperson.

The street value of the “weed wax” is $100.00 per one gram.