MIAMI (CBSMiami) – It’s happened again! An innocent person is shot in their home by reckless gunfire. This time, it’s a Liberty City grandmother. “I was sitting right there and I just got hit,” said Alamariee Viel.

The 71-year old was watching TV about 11:30 Friday morning when she suddenly realized bullets were flying all around her and her grandchildren in their Liberty City apartment. Since she’s in a wheelchair, she could not run to safety.

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“I was sitting here watching TV with the kids and all of a sudden somebody started shooting,” she said.

“When that happened, what did you do?” asked CBS 4’s Ted Scouten.

“What can I do?” she said. “I can’t go nowhere but sit right here. I just told the kids to lay low on the floor,” Viel said.

Neighbors here at the Liberty Square housing development heard the gunfire too and took cover. “I think I heard like five or six shots,” said neighbor Verna King. “They was loud, so I ran back in and got behind my refrigerator because these projects are known for their shoot outs.”

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You can see all the marks left behind on the door from those bullets. When they finally stopped flying, Viel realized she was hit twice, once in the shoulder and again with bullet fragments on the side of the head.

Investigators say Viel was not the target. Family members think it was another relative who’s pregnant and having relationship trouble. “It’s some type of love triangle they got going on, a third-party,” said Tydrika Simmons.

“She like grandma,” said neighbor Dion Fisher. “Everybody call her grandma.”

Neighbors are stunned that a helpless, wheelchair bound grandmother who’s on dialysis, was caught in reckless gunfire. Viel is pretty shocked too…and angry.

“What do you think of people who do something like this?” asked Scouten.

“I think they need their a** whooped,” said Viel.

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Police are looking for the shooter. If you have information call Miami Dade Crimestoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

Ted Scouten