MIAMI GARDENS (CBSMiami) — What a night for soccer fans!  People from all over the world came to watch the game, but for locals the timing and vibe are perfectly aligned as Miami scores its own team.

Move over football fans, a soccer sensation swept through Sun Life Stadium today and soon enough it’ll sweep through Miami.

“I come from Sao Paulo it’s an eight hours flight but it’s worth it. Brazil is a hub so I think it’s gonna be a good game,” said Brazil fan Carlos Bere.

Jorge Naranjo, with Sun Life Stadium said, “It’s a huge event for South Florida. Floridians are loving it. It almost a sold out Sun Life Stadium.”


About 71, 124 flavorful fanatics showed up for the big match between Brazil and Honduras.  It’s the largest attendance in the history of soccer in Florida.

“It was fine wonderful. Me and my people over here had so much fun,” said soccer fan Gil Santos.

Green and yellow versus blue and white.  Portuguese and Spanish Brazilian fans sambaed their way to the stadium.

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Hondurans chanted loudly on their way out. Despite the big upset, losing 0 to 5, they gracefully conceited to Brazil.

Brazil is the king of World Cups with 19 appearances and 5 world championships.

“It’s just a lot of spirit and pride that us Brazilians we have,” said Brazil fan Ericka Gopncalden.

The soccer buzz is really all local as soccer star David Beckham scouts sites for a new Miami team.

“I think it’s awesome we definitely need soccer in Miami there’s so many Latin people and also the Americans are great players but we need soccer in Miami,” said soccer fan Monica Ramos.

Kenia Aguilar, a fan said, “I think it’s a really good idea because I think there’s a lot of talent here in Miami as you can see because today we make history.”

The game was not quite sold out Saturday night but pretty close to it.