POMPANO BEACH (CBSMiami) – BSO investigators need the public’s help, trying to track down a man who tried to kidnap a woman.  “Thank God my daughter was strong enough to fight this man off,” said the victim’s mom, who does not want to give her name.  “He did not win!  He did not get her in the vehicle.”

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The mother of the victim is very grateful that her daughter had the strength to get away.  “She fought back with everything she had and she won, because he was not able to pull her back into the vehicle, which I’m so thankful for,” she said.

It happened on SW 2nd Ave near 13th street in Pompano Beach last Thursday.  The woman was simply walking when she told investigators the man stopped his pickup truck and tried to pull her in.

While she fought as hard she could, she noticed some specific details.  “His hands were very callused to the touch,” explained BSO Detective Tim Metz.  “She actually described him as having gloves on. However, after explaining further, she said it was his hands that were really rough as though his hands were callused and not wearing gloves.”

She also told investigators he had a very bad case of B-O.  “He had the appearance of being     disheveled, dirty, extreme body odor she stated as well as smell of alcohol on his breath,” said Det. Metz.

For people who live around here, it’s nerve wracking. “It’s scary,” said neighbor Sarah Chamber.  “My daughter and her friends ride their bikes around here, we always teach them not talk to strangers,” Chamber said.

The victim’s mom, just like deputies, is hoping this guy’s caught soon. ‘It’s my good fortune that, her good fortune that she was able to get away.  The next young woman might not.”

Investigators want the public to get a very good look at a composite drawing of the attacker to see if anyone recognizes him. The victim said that he was driving around in an older model pickup truck that could have been a foreign make. There is some sort of damage to a headlight.

If you have information, call Broward Crimestoppers at 954-493-TIPS.

Ted Scouten