MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Are you tried? Would you love to have an extra hour of sleep? Well consider tonight your lucky night as the clocks will turn back an hour at 2 a.m.

Standard Time, whether you turn your clock back or not, returns early Sunday morning at 2 a.m.

Every autumn, we bid-farewell to Daylight Savings Time and say hello to Standard Time as most Americans turn their clocks back one hour.

As a way to save energy, Daylight Savings Time was officially implemented in 1975.

Daylight Saving Time gives people that extra hour of sunlight during the warm summer months, than comes Standard Time, when that extra hour of daylight is snatched away in the evening and shifted to the morning hours. It’s an age old tradition that officially isn’t that old.

Research shows more car accidents happen in the first weeks after the return to Standard Time as people try to adjust their sleep patterns. Students have trouble staying awake during morning classes and the change is especially difficult for shift workers and others that work nights or long hours.

Daylight Savings Time also serves as an annual reminder to change the batteries in your smoke alarms.


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