PLANTATION (CBSMiami) – Imagine riding a public bus, minding your own business, when another passenger begins harassing you for absolutely no reason. That’s what happened to a South Florida woman who was verbally harassed by a passenger sitting next to her on a bus in Plantation. But what came next was a surprise to everyone on the bus.

It happened September 17th as Ashley Ahringer, 22,  was riding the bus. During the ride, she became agitated by the offending passenger and decided to change seats across from the suspect.

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A third passenger on the bus, Jimmie Singleton,  tried to defend Ahringer.

“I just told the guy basically to cease and desist without profanity or anything and he basically cease and desist on my head and punched me about four or five times.  I have broken ribs.  It happened so fast I have no idea,” said Singleton.

The suspect lunged toward him. In an effort to defend himself, Singleton sprayed the man with mace, but the man fought back and punched Singleton in the face.

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“I hate to see people get abused. I’ve been abused myself before. Would I do it again? Maybe, it depends on the circumstances. Really and truly I didn’t expect this clown to stick his face into a camera on a bus and then a minute later proceed to do what he did. I thought he’d have a little more common sense than that,” said Singleton.

The suspect was last seen running away from the bus in the 1700 block of North University Drive.

“We don’t know who he is at this point.  We would like to arrest him.  Nobody deserves to get beat up on a bus,” said Detective Phillip Toman of Plantation Police.

The incident was captured on surveillance video from inside the bus and police are asking for help from the public in identifying the suspect.

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“I hope we find the guy before he becomes a further menace and maybe even possible a danger to himself,” said Singleton.