MIAMI (CBSMiami) – It’s the ultimate getaway that combines the magic of childhood summer camp with interactive workshops.

The camp is led by self-help experts to create a transforming weekend experience for overworked and over-stressed women.

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Campowerment is a weekend sleep away for grown women. Four days of fun and games combined with empowering, interactive workshops led by experts in the fields of health, love, spirituality, career growth and others.

“Life is so challenging. Women are carrying such burdens on their backs, our relationships aren’t strong enough, our kids aren’t smart enough, our houses aren’t big enough, we’re not making enough money, we’re working too hard and not working out enough. We are faced with so many responsibilities, we don’t take any time for ourselves,” said Campowerment’s creator Tammi Leader Fuller.

Fuller knows that crazy life way too well. She’s an Emmy award winning TV producer from Miami who chucked a 33-year career to follow her passion by sending women back to summer camp.

“Campowerment is about complete digital detox and disconnect. It’s a place to reconnect with nature and disconnect from all technology that’s bombarding us every day. Campowerment is the uber-transformational weekend girlfriend getaway you’ve talked about doing but never could find the time for,” said Fuller.

The programs have been created to help women propel forward on their journey, find their passion, navigate change and just have fun. The camp wants women to know that they aren’t allowed in the struggle to juggle all that life is throwing.

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“It makes you appreciate what you have as to what you don’t,” said Fuller.

The August issue of Oprah magazine called Campowerment one of the 50 things that will people saying ‘Wow!’

“God bless Oprah and the Oprah effect. Since the August issue came out, women are coming out woodwork,” said Fuller.

There are eight camps planned over the next year in places like Malibu, the Poconos and in October, Ocala, Florida. So whether you went to summer camp and want back in or just need a place to recharge, Campowerment’s plugged in.

“All women in 20’s have a fire burning in them. Over time, as responsibilities kick in, work and family, that fire gets put out. We’re putting lighter fluid on those embers to re-ignite them and tell women it’s ok to want everything. We help you figure out how to get it and these experts show women how to find the tools to live the life they want to live,” said Fuller.

The next Campowerment is Columbus Day weekend from October 11th through 14th, just outside Ocala, and because October is breast cancer awareness month, they are honoring and celebrating all breast cancer survivors and the women who support them.

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Lisa Petrillo