MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Could a new smartphone case save your life?

That’s what the creator of the Yellowjacket is hoping.  It’s an iPhone case which houses a 650,000 volt stun-gun.

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The Yellowjacket was created by former soldier Seth Froom after he was robbed at gun point.

“I started thinking about what device was on me at all times; my smartphone and then the solution grew from there, that concept of combing a personal security device with my smartphone,” said Froom.

And so the Yellowjacket was born: a stun gun you’ll have on you all the time.  CBS4 wanted to put the stun gun smart phone case to the test and Miami Police Sgt. Dennis Jacobson stepped up to help.   After getting zapped with the Yellowjacket, Jacobson said he only felt a slight burning sensation.

“It feels like you got a a hot iron and you’re holding it there. And the longer you hold it the hotter it gets,” said Jacobson.

Miami Police Officer Luis Gonzalez trains with police Tasers. City of Miami police officers regularly test Tasers on themselves before taking them to the streets. So why did the Yellowjacket have a far less effect on Jacobson than a police taser?

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“That’s all the area that will be affected when you press that button,” said Gonzalez pointing to the spot where he was zapped.  “Whereas a Taser they recommend a 15 foot stance so that you have a two foot spread. I’ll hit you in the arm, maybe in the leg, and that whole area is affected.”

So would women use a Yellowjacket if they had one.

“I think it would be a good idea. It’s the closest thing to you. You don’t have to put your phone down to get your stun gun,” Rachelle Cedeno said.

There are two safety features. There’s the plastic cover over the prongs and then the switch button to activate the volts.

Though some women said they’d use the stun gun phone case to ward off a criminal, Gonzalez said the Yellowjacket should be a last resort.

“You have to touch them in a vital area such as the neck or where ever all that is going to do is all it is going to do is give you the ability run. that’s it.  It’s not going to cause that person to be disabled,” said Gonzalez.

He added that the best defense against would-be criminals is to stay aware of your surroundings.

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The Yellowjacket costs $139.