PERRINE (CBS4) – Miami-Dade Police are remaining tight-lipped about a fatal car crash investigation in West Perrine.  But neighbors and family continue to question what happened in the moments leading to the deadly crash Monday.

CBS4 News, on Tuesday, obtained home surveillance video that reveals a little more about what actually happened in the moments leading up to the fatal crash near Southwest 176th Street and 178th Terrace that killed 55-year-old Monica Patterson.

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On surveillance, a black SUV is seen speeding through a residential neighborhood and blowing through a stop sign. Right behind the car is not one, but two vehicles believed to be unmarked cars of Miami-Dade’s robbery intervention detail. Police lights are not seen in the video, and the cars appear to be speeding, but all is currently under investigation.

Mary Christine Ponder,  Monica’s mother, said, “I know they are trying to cover themselves but there’s too many witnesses that saw it”.

Moments after the cars drive by on surveillance, the suspect’s SUV ran a stop sign and struck a red ford Taurus—sending the driver to the hospital and killing the passenger, Monica Patterson.

“I feel kind of numb and empty. So that’s about all I can say about how I feel right now,” said Ponder.

Under investigation is what really happened in the moments before the accident. The video obtained by CBS4 News shows what multiple witnesses report—the suspect’s black SUV being chased.

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“It was a chase. Trust me it was a chase. They’re saying it was not a chase”, said Ponder.

But police have a different version and are hesitant to call this a chase or pursuit.  Police said that they “attempted to approach” the vehicle and “lost sight” moments before a “loud crash”.  Late Tuesday, Miami-Dade Police said they will continue to investigate all allegations.

“They left from 184th,” Ponder said adding, “This happened on 105 and 177 they were all in the community people standing out watching so how can you say it’s not a chase. Please tell me that.”

Police said they were patrolling the area when they originally saw the black SUV which had stolen plates and an out-of-state registration. The suspect got away and has not been caught.

The driver of the Ford Taurus was taken to Kendall Regional Trauma Center and is listed in critical, but stable condition.

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Her name has not been released.

Marybel Rodriguez