FT. LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – A Pembroke Pines woman got a special kind of detention when she reportedly showed up intoxicated at a Miramar elementary school to pick up her son.

On Monday afternoon, Miramar police received a call from Silver Lakes Elementary on SW173rd Avenue about a woman who was driving erratically.

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When Officer Philip Lanoue arrived at the a school, he was met by the resource officer who told him she had stopped the driver, identified as 39-year-old Lissett Llauro, after she had hit the white plastic lane markers while entering the pick-up line and almost rear-ended a vehicle.

When Lanoue questioned Llauro about the lane markers, she admitted that she ran over them but added that she didn’t know why, according to her complaint affidavit. In the report, Lanoue noted that her eyes were blood-shot, her face was flushed and her speech was slurred.

When asked if she was under-the-influence of alcohol or medication Llauro replied no to both, according to the report.

Lanoue decided to give her a roadside sobriety test. When she got out of her car, Lanoue noted in the report that she was unsteady and had to hold onto the car to keep her balance. When she let go of the car, he wrote that she “exhibited upper body sway during the instructional phase.”

Llauro then failed to complete all three road side tests; standing on one leg for 30-seconds, walking a straight line heel-to-toe and touching her finger to the tip of her nose, according to the report.

She was placed into custody and then into a police cruiser where, Lanoue noted, “the odor of an alcoholic beverage was clearly evident emanating from her person.”

Llauro, who refused to give a breath or urine sample, was arrested and charged with one count of driving under the influence.

Lauro came before Judge John Hurley Tuesday afternoon in bond court where he expressed concern about the police report which mentioned that Llauro was disoriented and her voice was slurred.

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“They said you smelled of alcohol,” said Hurley. LLauo told Hurley she had three children, who are ages six, 12 and 14.

CBS4’s Peter D’Oench caught up with LLauro as she was released from the Broward Jail. She cursed repeatedly and would only say that she had an attorney.

Police say Llauro was arrested while picking up her six-year-old son from the elementary school. Parents told D’Oench that they were very concerned.

“She should know better than that,” said parent Maxine Harris. “She should pay for what she did.”

Another parent, Christine Solomon, said “I don’t think any parent should be driving and drinking.”

Another parent, who identified herself only as “Diana” said, “Parents must be responsible. I honestly am a little worried about the safety of children.”

Miramar Police spokeswoman Tania Rues also said she was alarmed.

“It is very concerning and this is about the safety of children and kids walking home,” she said. “This could have been a tragic situation.”

A check of records showed that ironically, Lauro was President of Coco’s Liquors in Miami Gardens until the company went out of business in 2007.

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She told Judge Hurley that she was now an accountant.

Peter D'Oench