NORTH LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – Nine people in North Lauderdale couldn’t return home to their multi-unit apartment building Friday after a part of the ceiling collapsed.

A teenager was sitting on a sofa outside an apartment unit when the ceiling collapsed. The child was treated and released from the hospital.

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But nine people have been displaced Friday as North Lauderdale city officials declared the building unsafe and turned off the power.

“We have 9 people displaced with kids and families and animals and we don’t want to see them sitting out here tonight,” said Jennifer Johnson a North Lauderdale spokesperson.

Cameron Goodroad was hit by the derbis, but other than a headache, told CBS4’s Carey Codd that he is okay.

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The city says they are working with the Red Cross to find the families a place to live in the meantime.

Kimberly Goodroad said that her and her 11-month-old daughter were inside when they heard a boom outside. She said the family doesn’t have the money for another place to live.

“It’s not livable at all. The wires are messed up. The ceiling…there’s water damage everywhere…we’re just out on the streets. We have nowhere else to go,” said Goodroad.

City officials are investigating what caused the ceiling to collapse.

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According to some of the people who live in the building, they believe the collapse was due to water damage.