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Heckuva weekend to be a Miami sports fan huh? The Canes knock off a Top 20 team. The Dolphins start the year off with a win. Course the Marlins screw it up and lose, but hey, they’re the Marlins, that’s what they do. Pouncey is done for the season…not that one. Links and more ahead in the Agenda…or “ASK COACH!”

Quote of the Day:
“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.” – Groucho Marx

Political Minute:
Off topic for a second, but did you watch the Charlie Rose interview with Bashaar al-Asaad this morning?
If you didn’t, you should by clicking here.
What I kept thinking about during the whole interview was the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf.
Odd I know, but let me explain.
We all remember how badly screwed up the intelligence was before the Iraq invasion and how the U.S. government basically lied its way into that war.
Now, that damaged our credibility severely around the world.
Since then, it’s been tough to make the case for military action because no one is willing to believe the U.S. intelligence.
So, we cried wolf and there was nothing there.
Fast forward to today’s interview with Charlie Rose.
Al-Assad said several times the U.S. had no credibility and to “show me the evidence” or show the U.S. people the evidence.
Some of that is classified, so there’s that problem.
Course you’d hope that if there was evidence, they would show it.
However, think about the fact that Obama is now trying to convince the world for more military action.
The world is skeptical and al-Assad is not stupid. He knows why and he’s exploiting that fact, which anyone in power would.
So, now Obama has to deal with not only a skeptical global community and U.S. electorate, but also a skilled world politician who is exploiting a weakness opened up in the past.
If al-Assad used chemical weapons, and the U.S. does nothing, it sets an interesting precedent.
One, the U.S. would have done nothing because Congress got cold feet or because the global community said no.
Two, the president’s authority to move on military action would be sorely limited to what Congress okays.
Three, if the U.S. doesn’t act now and another country uses chemical weapons, there’s no case that can be made for action against them because the precedent of inaction with Syria is set in stone.
It’s a situation I’m glad I don’t have to decide what the proper course of action, because honestly, I don’t know.
Okay, enough of that…let’s get to some football!

Miami Dolphins: (1-0 after beating Cleveland 23-10)
Before Fins fans start making reservations for New York in February…consider this.
The Browns have played 15 regular season openers since returning to the NFL in 1999.
In those 15 games, the Browns are 1-14….a winning percentage of .067.
The Dolphins win in Cleveland is the classic glass is half-full glass is half-empty discussion.
On the one hand, the Dolphins defense was dialed in an just nasty.
Six sacks and three interceptions is damn good for a team that struggled to turn the ball over last year.
On the other hand, the Dolphins offense struggled and the Browns…well, to put it bluntly, they stink.
I know Tannehill’s numbers were good and this isn’t necessarily about him.
But c’mon man, 23 carries for 20 yards is all the Fins could muster?
Less than 1 yard per carry?
In case you were wondering, Reggie Bush went for 90 yards rushing and more than 100 yards receiving yesterday. Nice move Ireland.
You may recall I said I wasn’t completely sold on Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas.
I give you example A.
But, still a win is a win and the Fins and their fans should be happy right?
Not exactly….

Randy Starks/Mike Wallace:
Starks threw up a middle finger, apparently at the coaching staff, which I’m guessing is at his role or lack of contract or something.
I have a message: GET OVER IT RANDY.
He’s getting paid around $9 million, fully guaranteed, for one season.
And he’s a free agent next year.
Shut up, take your place in the defensive tackle rotation and get over yourself.
Mike Wallace is an even more ridiculous case.
Apparently, poor baby got his feelings hurt because he wasn’t thrown the ball.
I guess he’s going to take his ball and go home and pout now.
Great, so now we have a $60 million cry-baby receiver?
Look I like Mike Wallace and what he can bring to the game.
He opens the field up for everyone and that’s his job, so get over yourself Mike and shaddup.

Miami Hurricanes: (2-0 after huge win over Florida Gators)
Umm, so yeah, about the Canes’ defense.
It’s pretty darn good.
Plus, the Gators’ offense is pretty damn bad.
Seriously, if Jeff Driskel is the best they have in their stable of quarterbacks….they need to recruit some QB’s stat.
But kudos to the Canes for getting Al Golden’s first signature win.
I like Golden and like what he’s done for that program, bringing it back from the brink.
I think they’re about one recruiting class away from being a serious national player.
But it’s coming and it’s coming fast for Canes fans.
Which of course means we’re going to have to put up with Canes fans saying it’s all about the U until we’re so nauseated we cough up a U on them.
But hey, that’s life when your team is good, you’ve got the right to talk smack.
Looking ahead for the Canes…
They will be favored in every game sans one in Tallahassee.
In other words, if things go right for the Canes, they have a shot at going undefeated if they bring it each week and can knock off the Noles in Tally.
They would still have to get by Clemson in an ACC title game, but hey, it’s possible.
It’s welcome news for the ACC too who had become the SEC’s whipping boy for years.
Just remember though, to be the best you’ve got to beat the best.
Miami started out on that road.
FSU, Clemson, and an eventual SEC champion are ahead.
Get through that…and you are the best.

Quick thoughts and links for the day:
Steelers are bringing back Jonathan Dwyer…running 15 times for 32 yards will do that to you.
10 Penalties were killer for the Bills….that and Tom Brady will do it to you every time.
How nasty was the Dolphins defense? They hit Brandon Weeden 16 times on Sunday. Yikes!
It’s safe to say that Blaine Gabbert as an NFL quarterback…sucks.
Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor ran like he was avoiding an NCAA investigation on Sunday.
How bad are the Cowboys? They were given six turnovers and still had to hold on at the end of the game. That’s bad.
REGGIE….REGGIE…..REGGIE….Bush dominates in opener.
Colin Kaepernick really…REALLY…loves playing the Green Bay Packers….412 yards passing and three touchdowns!
Anquan Boldin…yeah, he’s still got plenty left in the tank….12 catches, 208 yards, 1 touchdown.
Goat of the Week – Lavonte David…a Buccaneer, stupid, and a personal foul is no way to go through life son.
So, about those Kansas City Chiefs…the rumors of their demise have been greatly….GREATLY….exaggerated.
Maurkice Pouncey is done with a torn ACL and MCL…poor guy can’t stay healthy and without him…Steelers are toast.

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