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Well, the Dolphins just can’t stay out of the news can they? This time it’s Mr. Incognito being anything but his name. Plus the Marlins, well, get back to their losing ways. We’re at t-minus one week until college football season begins!!!!

Quote of the Day:
“In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.” – Confucius  (so where does America fall on that chart?)

Miami Dolphins:
The Fins are still in training camp and don’t play again until Saturday, but they’re all over the news.
As I was listening to the story about Richie Incognito having his helmet ripped off and swung at his head I was struck by several things.
First, if Texans’ players Antonio Smith had been about 6 inches closer, we wouldn’t be talking about a suspension, Smith would be going to jail, probably for a long time.
Pick up a real football helmet sometime and think about a 300 pound man swinging it as hard as he can at your skull.
That’s why people should be freaked out about it and Smith should be suspended.
Yesterday, you could see the push back against Incognito with the story about him at the Fontainebleau coming up. Gee, I wonder if that was leaked by someone with an agenda?
Incognito doesn’t have a clean history, dating all the way back to college. But, in Miami, he’s been a dependable player who has kept his head as much as any other player.
Smith got caught doing something inexcusable and then Texans supporters are trying to divert attention from the original act.
Now back to your regularly scheduled Dolphins programming….
No big injury updates from camp as Dion Jordan remains on the sidelines.
I have to ask, was it wise trading up in the draft to take a guy with shoulder problems? Just thinking aloud. Remember, when the season is over we’ll have to compare his output to that of other draft picks.
My gut tells me Jordan’s not going to measure up well against the rest…but hopefully I’m wrong.
Check back on later today for more on the players on the bubble at training camp this week.

Miami Marlins: (vs. Dodgers, 12:40 p.m., Fox Sports Florida)
Well, the Marlins beat the Dodgers in the first game, thanks to solid pitching from Jose Fernandez.
The Marlins pitchers since then have struggled, but last night it was the fielding that helped the Dodgers spank the fish.
Miami had three errors in the game that helped seal the Dodgers’ 4-1 victory over the Fish Wednesday night.
Now the Marlins get to face the best pitcher in the National League in Dodgers’ ace Clayton Kershaw.
I don’t want to say Kershaw is playing some sick baseball, but he’s 7-2 over his last 10 games with a 1.4 ERA and a 71-8 strikeout to walk ratio.
71-8 ?!?!?!
Kershaw is on his way to another Cy Young award this year and it’s too bad the Fish couldn’t have thrown Fernandez against Kershaw.
Course the game would have been 9 innings of 0-0 ball, but it’d be fun to watch.
By the way, the Marlins’ record for fewest wins in a full season is 54 in 1998…you remember that year, the first year of blowing up the franchise.
The Marlins currently are 48-77.
So, outside of winning just six games over the final month and a half of the regular season, at least they won’t be that bad.
So they’ve got that going for them…I guess.

College Football:
Some quick hits from college football…
If the NCAA is smart…yes, I know that’s an oxymoron…but if they were, they’d inform Miami of their penalties tomorrow.
Think about it, you get all of the negative press out on a Friday and by the time Monday rolls around, all people can talk about it the kickoff of the regular season coming next Thursday.
It’s just common sense from a PR standpoint…think of it as the Friday document dump politicians and governments do to get all the bad things out on a Friday night when most journalists have gone home and the people are out partying.
USC receiver Marqise Lee injured his shoulder in practice, but should be able to return. Given what USC has this year, he may want to sit out a little while.
Ah, the decline of Lane Kiffin. It’s so much fun to watch.
UM adopted the Dolphins’ policy on bags at games…which brings me to a quick rant…..
Why are the policies on bags being changed? Because of safety? Hey, I have an idea, how about hiring some extra people to look through the bags people bring in. Simple huh? Instead, we change the policies to ridiculous proportions to save a few bucks from having to hire part-time workers. We make it a bigger hassle for fans to come to games at a time when technology makes the game at home that much better than actually being there. We change everything we do because of the actions of others.
Brilliant man….brilliant.

Finally…a few links and your daily fail!
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