MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Two robbery suspects were taken into custody after they crashed their car near the Golden Glades toll plaza on the Florida Turnpike after a short police chase.

Initial reports say the police pursuit started in Miami with the robbery of a Starbucks at 6815 Biscayne Boulevard. An off-duty Miami firefighter was in the area, witnessed the robber with money bag in hand jump into the passenger side of an awaiting white Toyota Camry.

The firefighter called 911, described the robber, the car and which way they were headed. A Miami police officer spotted the car and chased onto I-95 but then called off the pursuit.

As the Toyota sped north on I-95, Miami Gardens police picked up the pursuit.

After the Toyota crashed, both suspects bailed out of the car. One was taken into custody immediately. The other, clutching a wad of cash, jumped a fence and ran into a neighborhood at NW 175th Street and the Sunshine State Parkway.

Cash left in the grass by a suspect robber who led police on a chase and was later captured. (Source: CBS4)

Cash left in the grass by a suspect robber who led police on a chase and was later captured. (Source: CBS4)

He dropped some of the cash along the way and it was found later near the fence.

At one point the suspect tried to carjack a woman outside of her home but she was able to get away.

“I saw him coming over the fence yelling ‘Give me your keys, give me your keys’ and I looked again and he had both his hands occupied, one was hold his money and the other was holding his pants. I didn’t see a gun and that’s what prompted me to run,” said “Marilyn”.  “I’m so grateful that I had the presence of mind. I’m thankful I didn’t fall.”

“I was terrified because I have never been the victim of a violent crime,” Marilyn continued.

Marilyn said she didn’t want to give up her car keys.

“It was a quick, quick decision. I didn’t want to give up my keys. I thought if he got me down, it could have been worse,” she said.

Marilyn said he doubled back to her house when he saw that she had left her house key in the front door.

“He took what he thought was my car keys in there. He got in my car and tried to use them to start the car up,” said Marilyn.

When that didn’t work he went another neighbor’s house where “Yolanda” had watched what went on from her doorway.

“I thought he was going to hide in my SUV. That’s when I saw he attacked my neighbor. So I ran over here and banged on the door and said to my son get your gun,” said Yolanda.

He reportedly tried to get into another home, but the resident slammed the door on him.

A short time later he was confronted by an officer who held him at gunpoint until back-up officers could arrive. The suspect was then taken into custody.

Miami Police spokesman officer Kenia Reyes told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench that police were checking with other agencies to see if the suspects had committed crimes in their jurisdictions.