MIAMI (CBS4) – A man is recovering from getting attacked by a shark near Scotland Cay in the Bahamas.

He spoke exclusively CBS4 News from Jackson Memorial Hopsital, Thursday.

Eric Norrie said he had just speared a grouper and was swimming back to a boat with it when a shark attacked him.

“I felt this shark grab my leg and the ripping sound and when I turned around the water was filled with blood. It looked like a Jaws movie,” said Norrie.

The shark was about six feet long and took a large chunk out of Norrie’s leg.

“I got a look at him when he was swimming away with a piece of my leg in his mouth.”

Norrie said he was able to make a quick tourniquet around his leg to slow the bleeding.

A YouTube video showed Norrie is an avid fisherman and he’s encountered sharks before.

“Generally,if you see them coming you hit them away, but this time I didn’t even see him,” said Norrie.

Norrie said he is in pain and knows he’ll have a long way to rehabilitate, but once he is recovered, he’ll dive back into the water despite the recent attack.

Next time, he said he’ll look around more.