DAVIE (CBSMiami) – It’s a sickening sight, a horse that is nothing more than skin and protruding bones—it’s one of the two horses that have been neglected and hungry for months.

“This is the hip bone, the tail bone,” said Victor Cutino as he runs his hand along the horses back.  “None of this should be showing.  This horse is probably anywhere from 400 to 600 pounds under weight.”

Cutino runs the Peaceful Ridge Rescue, the organization that stepped in to care for the neglected animals.

He named one of the horses, a 25-year-old female, Lucky simple because she was lucky to be rescued when she was.

Another pony was brought in just in time too, “You can still see the spine area, the hips are still protruding out.  The fur also comes off.”

The fur falling off is a sign of fungus called “rain rot,” which most likely means that the animals were left out in the rain, then covered with mud that dried to their skin.

“This comes off, look at that,” he said, pulling fur off the horses skin. “That just completely comes off.  We have to take all of that off for her fur to come back.”

Cathi Rivera is a volunteer at the organization. She recently had a double mastectomy and her daughter lives with diabetes. She said the horses have saved the both of them.

“That’s what kills me,” she said beginning to cry. “I see what they’ve done for my daughter.  And for someone to treat them that way…I just don’t understand how that happens,” said Rivera.

It seems as though the rescued horses have gone without proper food for up to six months. Now Broward Sheriff’s Office is looking to see if the owner will face criminal charges.

“The detective will look to see if there has been any neglect or abuse or if just happened because someone couldn’t take care of their horses properly,” said Dani Moschella from BSO.

“It’s very sad because they can’t fend for themselves,” said Cutino.  “All they want is food and water and love…that’s all.”

If you’d like to donate for the horses care or help other neglected horses, ***(((CLICK HERE)))***  www.peacefulridgerescue.com

Ted Scouten