DELRAY BEACH (CBS4) —  Schindler’s list is for sale online through eBay.  It was once an Academy Award winning movie framed by the infamy of the Holocaust.

For many people, the list means a lot more.

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Lewis and Rena Fagen know Oscar Schindler, not by books or the Oscar winning movie, but as the man who saved their lives.

“He was a little sparkle of humanity in a huge sea of genocide,” said Fagen.

Lewis Fagen’s name was put on the list after he survived 3 and half years in a concentration camp.  His wife worked for Schindler and was saved as well. Fagen admits that Schindler’s initial aim may have been to make money off the war as a weapons manufacturer but he said Schindler realized the amount of good his prestige and money could accomplish and he used it to save the lives of about 1,100 Jewish people.

“He decided I’m going to save these people, my people,”  said Fagen.

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One of his lists, which was immortalized in film and historical lore is now up for sale on eBay.

The minimum opening bid is $3 million  for one of only four of the lists that remains.

To Lewis Fagen, selling such a document is wrong.  “The list, the original list, is history,  and if it is history, it belongs in a museum, not in private hands,” he told CBS 4’s Carey Codd.

Fagen hopes whoever purchases the list donates it to a museum where people can view it and appreciate what Schindler did.  He saved lives like Fagen’s enabling him and his wife to have children of their own, ensuring Schindler’s legacy will carry on forever.

Fagen says he thinks of Schindler often and how this man’s act of selflessness gave him life. “Why me and why not others? How did I earn the price for survival and others didn’t?” Fagen asked.

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No matter what happens with the sale on eBay, the Fagens will hold onto pictures and memories that mean so much to them. One of the pictures is of the many times they hosted Schindler after the war. They say it’s so important to them to keep the memory of Schindler and what he did for so many alive.