MIAMI (CBSMiami) – In the aftermath of the George Zimmerman trial, juror B-37 announced she had signed with an agent and intended to write a book about the trial.

The juror’s decision sparked outrage by some, and lot of that outrage could be read on Twitter.

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In response to the book deal, a Twitter user, whose twitter handle is @MoreAndAgain, kicked off a twitter campaign that ultimately seemed to end juror B 37’s book deal even before it started.

Genie Lauren, a New York resident, is the one that started the backlash.

“I was just really angry and frustrated but there was really nothing I could do because the jurors had decided,” Lauren said.

Lauren became “disgusted” when she learned about juror B-37’s book deal.

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“It kind of disgusted me that someone would write a book so soon, and I felt she had a motive to already have a literary agent a day after they announced the verdict,” said Lauren.

So Lauren decided to do something about it.

She found the juror’s literary agent online, created a petition and prompted her fellow tweeters to sign it and spread the word.

Within hours she had more than 1,000 signatures and an email from the agent saying the book deal had been rescinded. Shortly afterwards juror B37 announced she would no longer be writing a book about the trial.

“I needed to do something other than just be angry,” Lauren said. “It was the first time in two days that I didn’t feel powerless!”

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Lauren said that her success only reaffirms her belief in the power of the individual, especially on social media.