MIAMI GARDENS (CBS Miami) – “My nephew laid here,” said Pastor Virgil Walker, as he pointed to the spot in a back room where TJ Walker and his 70-year-old grandmother were found murdered, Monday.

They spent their final, terrifying moments, bound on a floor next to each other, then they were shot multiple times.

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“Ii’m going to show you this, the pillow case, the pillow they used to muffle the sound of the gunfire,” said Pastor Walker as he pointed to the floor where down feathers were scattered all over.

Walker moved in with his grandmother in Miami Gardens three months ago.

He was in South Florida from Jacksonville for college.

His parents are wrecked by the vicious killing.

His mom Carolyn lost her only child and her mom too, but she finds comfort in knowing they were together.

“He was her baby, he was her baby,” said TJ’s mom Carolyn Walker.

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Anderson was not only TJ’s grandmother, but a retired minister.   “She wasn’t afraid,” said Carolyn.  “She was not afraid, I’m absolutely sure of that.  And I know she was comforting my son telling him, don’t be afraid and I know she tried to protect him.”

The two were last seen Saturday night between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m.

The family says there were no signs of forced entry either and the security door was always locked.  From inside, the people who live in the home can see who’s at the door, but from outside, others can’t see in.  The family believes TJ or his grandmother knew who was at the door and let them in.

Police are fanning out all over the neighborhood passing out fliers.  They need tips.

The family is hoping the killers are caught before they strike again.

“It’s almost like you’d have to be like pure evil not to feel something while you’re committing that act, preparing to commit that act or thinking about committing that act, but then to go through with it, that takes a different kind of person,” said his mom.

There’s a Crime Stoppers reward of up to $3000 in this case.  If you have information, call (305) 471-TIPS.

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To “Give A Tip” online, click here.  Calls can be anonymous.

Ted Scouten