MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) — It was another day of flooding and frustration on Miami Beach.

Cars, trucks, and buses made their way through about a foot of water in some spots.

Near Alton Road and 14th Street a woman with a stroller found herself stranded on a sidewalk until a black SUV came to her rescue and she wasn’t the only one stranded by submerged streets.

People did get where they were going eventually, but by afternoon most of the floodwaters on Alton Road receded.

However, some neighborhoods off Alton road were left with several inches of water on sidewalks and streets.

“Gonna have to swim through it you have a spare boat or something,” said Willie Sanchez as he tried to drive down a flooded street.

Despite the frustration of dealing with the flooding for the second day in a row, Sanchez managed to keep a positive outlook.

“I work on the inside but if I work on the outside, I’d be really upset.”

Another round of storms came through just in time to make the evening commute a miserable mess.

Some cars plowed through the water, others didn’t stand a chance. Pablo Machado’s brand new Aston Martin got stuck in the flood waters.

“All that side is wet this one is getting wetter,” he said, adding, “Every time the cars drive through it gets a little bit more water.”


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