MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Four days after the “not guilty” verdict was read in the trial of George Zimmerman, the man charged in the fatal shooting of unarmed Miami Gardens teen Trayvon Martin, people from all over, of all ages, continue to protest.

In Tallahassee young people, some travelling to the state’s capital from South Florida, marched in a peaceful rally demanding a repeal of Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law and equal footing after Zimmerman, 29, was acquitted of charges in the shooting of Martin, 17, by a jury in Sanford Saturday evening.

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“We’re sick of this policy constantly targeting our black and colored youth, where we are three or four times more likely to be suspended or arrested…” said Annie Thomas of N. Miami Maverick High while in Tallahassee.

In Miami, activists prayed for progress at a Community Relations Board Meeting Wednesday in advance of a “Justice for Trayvon” rally scheduled for Saturday in Miami.

The board believes the planned peaceful rally is for a good reason.

“It focuses on laws that need to be looked at, reevaluated, reassessed…it’s a good thing,” said Dr. Helen McGuire of the Miami-Dade Community Relations Board.

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Reactions to the verdict have been heard from all around. On Sunday, music legend Stevie Wonder announced that he will not have a concert in the state of Florida until the controversial law is repealed.

“I decided today that until the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law is abolished in Florida, I will never perform there again,” Wonder said in Quebec City.”

Stevie Wonder is not alone in his idea of boycotting Florida. In the wake of the Zimmerman verdict there is a growing “Boycott Florida Tourism” movement on the internet where people are chiming-in against the Stand Your Ground Law.

While the jury has since been dismissed, the fallout from the verdict continues to resonate with people of all ages.

“As a child of the 60s, I’ve seen so much discrimination in my life and I know that it still goes on,” said Lovette McGill of the CRB.

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“It’s just crazy to see that it’s happening through generation to generations, and we still haven’t done anything about it,” said a teenager from Miami Beach protesting in Tallahassee.