NORTH MIAMI (CBS4) – What happened to Nadine Noel is really a mystery.

She turned 37 on Sunday. On her way to celebrate the birthday with family, she wound up in a random neighborhood in North Miami.

“All I’m asking is God give me the strength, Nadine give me the strength, to uphold us because I know if you was here you would be the one doing it.” her sister Rachel Noel told CBS4.

Noel was found shot in the stomach, her car crashed into the fence of a house.  Noels big sister can’t make sense of it.

“Nadine doesn’t owe no one.  Nadine is not enemies to no one.  If anything what Nadine is is a loving kind person.” Rachel explained.

According to family, Nadine had a great job and a great life.  Rachel last spoke to Nadine around noon, Sunday.

“She sounded so enthused.” Rachel said.

After lunch with a friend, Nadine called her sister again.  Rachel missed it.   When she returned the call the phone just kept ringing.

Police later found Nadine shot in the stomach.  A single bullet hole through the car door.

Around six o’clock Rachel learned her sister was at Jackson Memorial hospital – dead.  Rachel is a nurse there.

“Can you imagine someone telling you that your sister is gone and it’s the area that I work at?  I have to go through every day.  I work there every day – Monday thru Friday,” Rachel said as she fought back tears.

Witnesses described a black 4 door Nissan Altima leaving the scene.

Rachel is now asking for someone to speak up.

“Somebody knows.  Whoever is the person that shot her needs to turn himself or herself in.  Whoever eye-witnessed it, turn yourself in.  Because not only did you take her away from us but you took her away from the community and what makes it so bad is you took her away on her birthday,” said Noel.

Detectives have little to go on.  Why was she there and what happened? If you have any information you should call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.


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